Students often fear that college is not an option because they do not have money saved to pay for tuition or do not have good enough credit to obtain a student loan. Despite these issues, there’s another option that guarantees that a student will be able to afford tuition- scholarships.

Scholarships are a form of funding that is granted to students who write essays or participate in programs. This money is often privately funded and does not have to be paid back as a student loan would. At times students feel that scholarships are unattainable because thousands of people apply for most major ones. However, there’s plenty of lesser known scholarships that are available around the world.

Scholarships From Your Workplace

Most major companies offer scholarships to employees or children of employees. These scholarships may be obtained with a simple application, while others require a written essay and/or volunteer hours.

Target Stores offers the All-Around Scholarship each year to recognize tomorrow’s leaders. This award includes 2,100 winners, most notably four awards for $10,000 each.

Wisconsin’s supermarket chain, Pick ‘n Save offers a variety of scholarships to employees as well. This company will even cover parts of tuition for those taking classes to further their career with Roundy’s. Textbook reimbursement is even available through select stores. The award is based on academic standing.

Specialty Scholarships

If you are studying a specific major, look at companies in the industry for scholarships. Often companies look to offer scholarships to not only help students, but to encourage students to study certain subjects.

Annie’s Homegrown offers a $50,000 scholarship for students studying sustainable and organic agriculture. This scholarship is given each year and is enough to cover an entire college education at some universities and colleges.

Organizations also offer scholarships to specific areas of study. The Mythology Society of America offers annual scholarships to classic students and those with an interest in different areas of mythology.

Scholarships for the Physically Unique

Throughout school being left-handed can be a struggle with mostly right-handed students filling seats. The Frederick and Mary E. Beckley Scholarship foundation offers a yearly scholarship for left-handed students only. This means that less than half of the population is eligible for this award.
The Tall Clubs International Scholarship is also available only for students who are over six feet tall.

Creative Organizations

Not all scholarships are based on scholarly work. For some students expressing creativity is more important that academic classics, and many organizations wish to help the creative process with scholarships.

Seussville: Oh, the Places You Will Go! College Scholarship encourages only the most creative essays describing a student’s dreams and goals, while the J.D. Salinger Award offers an annual award for “creative geniuses” at Ursinus College.

It’s all in a Name

Perhaps one of the best scholarships to apply for is those based on your last name. Yes, that’s correct- some schools offer scholarships only to students with the select last names. For example, the Zolp Scholarship is available for students with the same last name at Loyola University and Scarpinatos at Texas A&M can win a free ride to the school.

What are some of the most unique scholarships you found and applied for?

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