High school counselors drill into students’ brains to apply early to get into their colleges of choice. Some students put off applying because they don’t know what school they want to go to, if they want to go to college, or sometimes they apply and don’t get into the schools they wanted to go to. If you haven’t applied for college yet or have not been accepted, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go to college in the fall.

According to the 2012 Space Availability Survey from the National Association for College Admission Counseling, 375 of the nation’s 2,200 colleges still have spaces available for fall. 70 percent of the colleges listed are private schools in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Students can view the list that shows not only what schools have space, but who has housing and financial aid available as well.

Going to college, even with a late application, is an investment in your future. Do not settle for just any school because it has openings for the fall. Sit down and plan exactly what you want from a school. Start with looking into what classes it offers for your desired major. Choose a school that is known for the program you want to enter. Be sure to research if the programs are accredited and what expectations exist for the program.

Once you view the programs, consider what academic support the college offers. If you need tutors or academic planning, are these services available through the college ? Research exactly what services are available and if they can be of use to your college career.

Next explore what extracurricular activities the campus offers. It is important to get involved on campus to not only make friends, but to build up your resume.  If you think of college sports when you think of what college life should be like, make sure your college offers basketball or football.

If you can’t get into a school of your choice, consider attending a school that has space near home. You can complete your general requirement classes while commuting and saving money and transfer in future semesters.

Never think that it is too late to apply as long as you apply before the college’s deadline for the semester.

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