It is never too early to begin building up your resume during college. Employers will see lists of activities and organizations you joined, showing that you have initiative to use your time wisely and take interest in your career field. However, college extra curricular activities are more than just a career builder. Studies show that students who join extra curricular activities have a more positive college experience while building characteristics needed for success.

Colleges wants students to evolve as a “whole,” this means working on their character outside of the classroom. Students tend to get involved in extra curricular activities to meet people and feel involved on campus, as well as to gain important skills for their future career. Schools have the same expectations when offering such programs and organizations, hoping to engage students in a social, community and institutional level.

Extra curricular activities bring students together to work as a team for a common goal. Within organizations and clubs, students must negotiate, communication, manage conflict and be leaders. These are all important goals for a successful student. In the end most schools find that students who participate outside of the classroom have more confident in the classroom and work place. They are not afraid to ask questions or take leads, and most importantly they participate more in class discussions and activities.

Colleges and universities at all levels offer extra curricular activities for a variety of interests. Student government is the perfect organization to join if you want to build strong leadership skills. If you are majoring in political science this is a must for your resume. The student newspaper allows you to gain experience as a writer while making friends and connections in the community. Most journalism jobs require you write for a student newspaper or website. Volunteer services such as Habitat for Humanity or Meals on Wheels are also a good way to not only give back, but evolve as an individual. Spanish language clubs are good for those interested in a foreign language or business degree. Athletics teach team work and responsibility as well. Campus extra curricular activities stretch far beyond this. Find clubs that meet your interests and career goals and attend a meeting. It is the best way to make the most of your time on campus.

It is important to recognize that even if you commute to school, you should make time for clubs and organizations. It can be more difficult if you balance school and work, but participating in at least one activity will help shape your future.

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