U.S. College Ranking
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Ranking Methodology

How do we rank your school and college?

We have used collected data from below data resources to contribute to the ranking of a university or college in ten areas, weighted as

  • Teaching Quality / Professor Ratings (10%)
  • Staff / Student Ratio (15%)
  • Median Salary of Graduates (10%)
  • SAT / ACT Test Scores (15%)
  • Graduation Rate Performance (10%)
  • Undergraduate Academic Reputation (20%)
  • Student Selectivity (5%)
  • Alumni (5%)
  • Academic (Undergraduate) / Research (Graduate) Performance (5%)
  • G-factor (5%) – Indicator of the popularity or importance of each university’s website from the combined perspectives of other institutions

Data Resources: The US News & World Report, ARWU, HEEACT, Times, Princeton Review, Newsweek, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, National Center for Education Statistics (College Navigator); College Prowler, Human Resoures & Labour Reviews, SCImago Institutions Rankings, Collegebard, Academic Analytics, Fisk Guide to Colleges, United States National Research Council, Top American Research Universities, Google, and more.

A three-steps to process determined the best schools / colleges are,

  1. Research
  2. Analyze
  3. Recompile

Please note that you should never judge based on rankings alone as the rankings can be one of the indicators that you would like to expand your list of schools in mind.