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Lake Forest College

Lake Forest College

Lake Forest College

Lake Forest College, founded in 1857, is a private liberal arts college in Lake Forest, Illinois. The college has 1,500 students representing 47 states and 78 countries.
The Lake Forest College campus is located in the suburban town of Lake Forest, a half mile from Lake Michigan and 30 miles north of Chicago. Its 107 acres are home to more than 250 species of naturalized plants and 187 bird species.

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Lake Forest College Undergraduate / Graduate Tuition and Fees

Full-Time Student

  • Tuition and Fees   2011 – 2012
    Semester Full Year
    Tuition   $18,140   $36,280
    Activity fee   $120   $240
    Health Center fee   $100   $200
    Recreation & fitness fee*   $200   $200
    Subtotal   $18,650   $36,920
    On-Campus Resident Charges
    Room (for residence hall non-singles)   $2,135   $4,270
    Board   $2,195   $4,390
    Subtotal   $4,330   $8,660
    Total Tuition and Charges   $22,890   $45,580

    *Recreation & fitness fee charged in the Fall semester only

    Differential Charges for Single Rooms and South Campus Duplexes

    (South campus duplexes are for upperclassmen only.)

    Semester Full Year
    Stairwell singles  $2,456 $4,912
    Halls: Roberts, McClure, Gregory, Moore  $2,498 $4,996
    Halls: Lois, Cleveland-Young, Deerpath, Harlan, Blackstone, Nollen  $2,655 $5,310
    South Campus Singles   $2,498 $4,996
    South Campus Apartment Duplexes   $2,456 $4,912

Other Tuition Charges

Tuition per Course
Exam credit included
Auditor tuition per course $400
Course Overload Tuition
For more than 4 1/2 credits
Per half-course credit $2,268
Per quarter-course credit $1,134
Community Education
Degree Candidacy Pending Student (DCP)
Tuition per course $2,645
Billing deposit  $200
Master of Arts in TeachingPost Graduate Teaching Option $2,895$2,895
Masters of Liberal Studies
Tuition per course $2,245
Billing deposit $200

Other Expenses
Student health insuranceMandatory unless annual waiver is completed and accepted by August 12
Full year-12 month $940
Second semester only (Jan – Aug) $630
Orientation fee $100
Senior dues $65


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