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Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is a private, inter-denominational, evangelical Christian university located near Los Angeles in suburban Azusa, California. It was founded in 1899, with classes opening on March 3, 1900 in Whittier, California. It began offering degrees in 1939. APU holds regional accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

While officially inter-denominational, the university has ties with several evangelical denominations.[citation needed] The university’s seminary, the Graduate School of Theology, holds to a Wesleyan, Arminian doctrinal theology.   With nearly 5,000 students, APU’s undergraduate student body is the largest in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (although Indiana Wesleyan University has a larger total student body) and the second largest evangelical undergraduate student body in the United States, behind only Liberty University.

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Azusa Pacific University Tuition and Fees

Estimated 2011-12 School-Year Charges
(Two Semesters) for a Freshman Living on Campus
Tuition (12-17 units) $29,100
University Service Fee $340
Health Fee $500
Housing* $4,158
180 Block Meal Plan** $3,066
Total $37,164

*This charge will vary for returning students and transfer students depending on their living area. Other options and prices are listed below.

**The minimum meal plan for a student living in a residence hall is a 180 Block Meal Plan. Other options and prices are listed below.

Please note: Freshman students who wish to park a vehicle on campus will be charged a $285 parking fee per semester. Returning students parking on campus will be charged $110 per semester.

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Azusa Pacific University News

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Azusa Pacific University Athletics News

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