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Calvin College

Calvin College

Calvin College

Calvin College is a comprehensive liberal arts college located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in 1876, Calvin College is an educational institution of the Christian Reformed Church and stands in the Reformed tradition of Protestantism.Calvin College is named after John Calvin, the 16th century Protestant Reformer.

Calvin College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Calvin offers majors or minors in 115 academic or pre-professional fields. The most popular majors are business, engineering and nursing. Calvin is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities  and as an institution in the Reformed tradition of Christianity, subscribes to a robust theology that produces a high regard for participating in and forming culture.

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Calvin College Tuition and Fees

Basic Charges for 2010 – 2011

Tuition, full-time (12-17 total credit hours):
per academic year:
per semester:
Tuition Per credit hour rates:
1-5 total hours (per credit hour)
6-11 total hours (per credit hour)
18th hour and above (per credit hour)
Tuition Nursing
Additional Course Charge per year
Tuition auditing, per credit hour:
Students with:
0-5 total non-audit credits (per credit hour)
6-11 total non-audit credits (per credit hour)
More than 17 total non-audit credits (per credit hour)
On-campus room and board rates

(per year):

21 meal plan and room
15 meal plan and room
10 meal plan and room
50 Block Plan
Knollcrest East – room only charge
Renovated Knollcrest East – room only charge
Estimated Book & Supply Costs per year
Interim Course Charge
5th Credit and up
Summer tuition, per credit hour:
2010 rate
2011 rate
Technology and Activity Fee per year


Enrollment deposit
US and Canadian Students
International Students

An enrollment deposit is required of all enrolling first-year, transfer, and readmitted students. This deposit serves as confirmation of the student’s plans to attend Calvin and is credited to the students miscellaneous account. The miscellaneous account is where the orientation fee, career services fee, and housing application fee are charged.

Special Fees

Application Fee
Career Services fee (1st year and transfer students only)
Credentials/recommendations, per year

(senior education majors only)

Examination fee (course credit)
Examination fee (exemption)
Housing Applicaton Fee
Individual Music Instruction:
One hour weekly lesson per semester
Half-hour weekly lesson per semester
For 200 – 300 level concentrates, 2 credits per semester
For 300 level concentrates, 3 credits per semester
Knightcare Insurance Fee
Off-campus program fee
Orientation Fee (1st year students only)
International Student Fee
International Parent Fee
Returned Check fee
Transcript fee
One Year Vehicle Registration Fee (bus passes can be obtained at Campus Safety or Student Development ) If the permit is purchased before the first day of classes of the Fall semester the charge is $50
Visitor fee, per course

Schools of Calvin College

Calvin College News

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