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Catholic University of America


Catholic University of America

The Catholic University of America (CUA) is a private university located in Washington, D.C. in the United States. It is a pontifical university of the Catholic Church in the United States and the only institution of higher education founded by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the body of U.S. Catholic bishops. Established in 1887 as a graduate and research center following approval by Pope Leo XIII on Easter Sunday, the university began offering undergraduate education in 1904.

The university’s campus lies within the Brookland neighborhood, known as “Little Rome”, which contains 60 Catholic institutions, including Trinity Washington University and the Dominican House of Studies.
CUA’s programs emphasize the liberal arts, professional education, and personal development. The school stays closely connected with the Catholic Church and Catholic organizations. The American Cardinals Dinner is put on by the residential U.S. Cardinals each year to raise scholarship funds for CUA. The university has a long history of working with the Knights of Columbus; the university’s law school and basilica have dedications to the involvement and support of the Knights.

The university has been visited twice by reigning Popes. Pope John Paul II visited on October 7, 1979. On April 16, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI came to the campus’s Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center and gave an address on Catholic education and academic freedom.

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Catholic University of America Tuition and Fees


In all schools except Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Intensive English, Law, Metropolitan School of Professional Studies, and the National Catholic School of Social Service (graduate programs)
Full-time, per semester $15,870.00
Part-time, per credit hour (undergraduate: fewer than 12 credits) $1,170.00
Part time, per credit hour (graduate: fewer than 8 credits) $1,245.00
Per credit hour for all courses for the School of Canon Law matriculated students (no flat tuition rate in the School of Canon Law, tuition capped at general full-time tuition charge) $1,245.00
In the School of Architecture and Planning
Full-time, per semester $16,235.00
Part-time, per credit hour (undergraduate: fewer than 12 credits) $1,180.00
Part-time, per credit hour (graduate: fewer than 8 credits) $1,255.00
In the School of Engineering
Full-time, per semester $16,000.00
Part-time, per credit hour (undergraduate: fewer than 12 credits) $1,170.00
Part-time, per credit hour (graduate: fewer than 8 credits) $1,245.00
In Intensive English
Full-time, per semester $8,540.00
Part-time, per credit hour (fewer than 12 credits) $630.00
In the School of Law
Full-time, per semester $18,925.00
Part-time, per credit hour (fewer than 12 credits) $1,375.00
In the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies
for all MSPS courses taken by MSPS students: no flat tuition rate; tuition capped at general full-time tuition charge.
per credit hour (undergraduate) $680.00
per credit hour (graduate) $770.00
In the National Catholic School of Social Service (graduate)
Full-time, per semester $10,270.00
Part-time, per credit hour (fewer than 8 credits) $794.00
per credit hour $800.00
Note: Information about programs with special rates may be obtained from the academic deans.

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Activities Fees
Undergraduate, full-time, per semester $75.00
Undergraduate, part-time, per semester $37.50
Graduate, full-time and part-time, per semester $25.00
Law Student Fee (required of Law student – per year)
Day Division $85.00
Evening Division $80.00
Student Record Fee (required of all new students – one time)
Undergraduate $425.00
Graduate $425.00
Certificate Programs $200.00
Graduate Metropolitan School of Professional Studies $120.00

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Per semester (includes phone, TV hook up, laundry & internet services)

Room Deposits for continuing students $500.00
Hall Room Type
Conaty, Flather, Gibbons, Regan, Ryan, Spellman Double $3,399.00
Double with bath $4,011.00
Triple $3,162.00
Triple with bath $3,370.00
Quad $3,162.00
Quad with bath $3,730.00
Single $3,670.00
Single with bath $4,332.00
Caldwell, Centennial Village, Curley Court, Seton Apartment Double $4,411.00
Double $3,399.00
Double with bath $4,011.00
Single $3,670.00
Millenium Halls Apartment Double $4,411.00
Apartment Single $4,764.00
Single Suite A $4,547.00
Single Suites B & C $4,332.00
Opus Hall Suite Double $4,332.00
Suite Single $4,547.00
Not all room types are available in each hall. Refer to the residence hall description of room type for specific halls: http://housing.cua.edu
Additional per diem charges will be assessed to those graduate and law students who are approved to reside on campus outside of normal contract periods.

Schools and Colleges of Catholic University of America

  • School of Architecture and Planning

    The School of Architecture and Planning at CUA is the largest such school in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Students utilize the nation’s capital as a laboratory and design in an exciting studio environment on campus.

    The pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree is awarded after four years of study, as is an undergraduate joint degree program with the Department of Civil Engineering. The school offers several graduate programs: an accredited Master of Architecture first professional degree, a post-professional Master of Science in Architectural Studies, a Master of City and Regional Planning, and a Master of Science in Sustainable Design.

  • School of Arts and Sciences

    By far the largest school at Catholic University, the School of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of subjects within 18 departments: anthropology, art, biology, business and economics, chemistry, drama, education, English language and literature, Greek and Latin, history, mathematics, media studies, modern languages and literatures, physics, politics, psychology, Semitic and Egyptian languages and literatures, and sociology.

    Undergraduate programs emphasize liberal arts education with opportunities to major in 53 fields of study. Thirteen departments offer 32 concentrations at the graduate level. Ten departments have doctoral programs with 18 different concentrations. Six joint programs are available, combining master’s level study in arts and sciences with law or library science programs.

  • School of Canon Law

    The School of Canon Law at Catholic University, which is the only school of Catholic canon law in the United States, offers ecclesiastical degrees authorized by the Vatican. The school’s courses of study familiarize students with the law of the Catholic Church and prepare them for the professional practice of canon law in dioceses and other ecclesiastical structures. While the primary focus of coursework is the Code of Canon Law for the Latin church, attention is given to the Code of Canons of Eastern churches. The application of canon law requires not only skill in legal interpretation but also a broad grasp of the historical, theological and sociological factors contributing to its development.

  • School of Engineering

    Founded in 1896, Catholic University’s engineering program became the School of Engineering in 1930. The school offers research-based education, with undergraduate and graduate programs in biomedical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Special offerings include a five-year joint bachelor’s/master’s degree, a pre-med track in biomedical engineering, a dual-degree program leading to degrees in architecture and civil engineering, construction and environmental engineering concentrations in civil engineering, and an undergraduate education abroad program. The school supports and encourages paid summer internships for all engineering students. A study abroad program with Hong Kong Polytechnic University has also been established, offering students wider global experience.

  • Columbus School of Law

    Founded in 1897, CUA’s Columbus School of Law is distinguished as a pioneer in clinical legal education, offering one of the nation’s broadest ranges of clinical experiences to students. In addition, the law school is widely recognized for special programs in communications law, law and public policy, law and religion, law and philosophy/culture, securities law, and comparative and international law. Catholic University’s law school ranks among the highest in the nation for graduates who choose to practice public service or public sector law. Alumni are also well represented in government and private practice.

  • School of Library and Information Science

    The School of Library and Information Science curriculum combines a theoretical foundation in information studies with the practical skills required to excel as an information professional. As the only library science program in Washington, D.C., the school has unique access to some of the best libraries and librarians in the world. Students complete practica and internships in corporations, law firms, federal agencies, public interest groups and museums, as well as in universities, schools and public libraries. Students may enroll in joint degree programs with law, music, English, history, biology, or theology and religious studies. The school’s law librarianship program has been ranked as one of the best in the country.

  • Benjamin T. Rome School of Music

    The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music is the only university music school in the Washington, D.C., area. The school offers approximately 30 degree programs. It provides a liberal arts education for undergraduate students and professional training for students of all levels. The school is home to the Latin American Center for Graduate Studies in Music and the International Ward Center. The Institute of Sacred Music integrates the comprehensive study of music with the worlds of liturgical, theological, classical and humanistic studies.

    More than 2,000 music school alumni have won a variety of awards and maintain high professional visibility as performers, music educators, composers, liturgical musicians and scholars.

  • School of Nursing

    The School of Nursing is ranked among the best nursing graduate programs in the nation and is distinguished for preparing graduates for leadership in a changing health care environment and developing a commitment to lifelong learning and service. The school is known for its commitment to the advancement of nursing science and practice through its clinically oriented research, its educational initiatives focusing on advancing the care of vulnerable populations, and its successful pipeline projects to increase nursing diversity. Students receive the opportunity to be part of the metropolitan Washington, D.C., community through targeted clinical learning opportunities; exposure to government, public and health policy advocacy and development; international activities; and special events.

  • School of Philosophy

    Founded in 1895, CUA’s School of Philosophy features one of the nation’s oldest and most extensive academic programs in the field of philosophy. As one of only three university philosophy schools in the U.S., it offers bachelor’s, master’s, licentiate and doctoral degrees. The school also offers undergraduates a pre-law program.

    The school provides courses in every major period of the history of philosophy, on every significant contributor to the field, and in the most important philosophical disciplines. It is especially known for its work in classical and medieval philosophy, its contributions to the study of 19th century German philosophy and the advancement of the phenomenological movement.

  • Metropolitan School of Professional Studies

    Established in 1979, Metropolitan School of Professional Studies offers adult students opportunities to complete professional development and degree programs while continuing employment. Students can attend evening and weekend classes, as well as study through online courses, while concentrating in such fields as business management, education studies, human resource management, information technology and social sciences. College Level Examination Program tests are given on campus to assist adults in obtaining credit for what they have learned outside of formal classrooms. The school also offers certificate programs and corporate training for business and professional groups as well as master’s degrees in management and human resource management.

  • National Catholic School of Social Service

    The National Catholic School of Social Service is committed to educating professionals who address the basic needs of all persons. With fully accredited master’s and baccalaureate programs and a legacy in doctoral social work education since 1936, the school is recognized for graduates who provide leadership and service in public, private, and corporate social service delivery and educational systems. Six research centers facilitate research studies that are empirically based and relevant to real-world social work practice and policy in the areas of aging, children and families, health and mental health, community development, spirituality and international social development.

  • School of Theology and Religious Studies

    Founded in 1887 — the year that Pope Leo XIII gave his approval to establish The Catholic University of America — the School of Theology and Religious Studies is one of three ecclesiastical schools at CUA. It is internationally renowned for educating scholars for the academic community and for its professional training of lay and clerical leaders who serve the Catholic Church throughout the United States and the world.

    The school offers ecclesiastical, civil and professional degrees on the graduate level. The faculty develop and administer the curriculum in theology and religious studies for CUA’s undergraduates and for graduate programs as well as specialized programs in Hispanic ministry and in the history of religions.

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