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Clemson University

Clemson University

Clemson University

Clemson University (pronounced /ˈklɛmsən/) is a public, coeducational, land-grant, sea-grant, research university located in Clemson, South Carolina, United States. Founded in 1889, the University is academically divided into five colleges: Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences; Architecture, Arts and Humanities; Business and Behavioral Sciences; Engineering and Science; and Health, Education and Human Development.
The University currently enrolls more than 19,000 students from across all 50 states and 89 countries.

Clemson University is located in upstate South Carolina off of Interstate 85. The University is located just outside of the greater Anderson, South Carolina area and is approximately two hours away from Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina. Clemson is situated in South Carolina’s foothills, where excellent vistas of the rising Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia abound.
Clemson University operates a research park in Pendleton, SC and has recently completed its Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (I-CAR) center in Greenville, SC. The University has agricultural extension offices in every county in South Carolina as a public service in its furtherance of its founding goals as an agricultural institution.

The city of Clemson is served by the Clemson Area Transit bus system, as well as the Amtrak’s Crescent line running through Clemson’s train station right off Highways 28, US 76, and US 123. Oconee County Airport is located adjacent to the university’s campus and is the closest public-use airport to the campus (as well as the home of the Clemson Flying Club and Dixie Skydivers), with Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport offering commercial airline service only forty-five minutes away.

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Clemson University Tuition and Fees

Resident Full Time (per year)
Tuition and fees* — $12,346
Room and board — $7,034 (approximate)
Books and supplies — $940 (approximate)
Total — $20,320

Nonresident Full Time (per year)
Tuition and fees* — $27,858
Room and board — $7,034 (approximate)
Books and supplies — $940 (approximate)
Total — $35,832

*Assumes medical fee (required for all full-time students) and an average of $400 in lab fees.

See complete fee schedule here.

Other Estimated Expenses
Personal expenses — $2,006
One-time computer cost** — $1,300
Estimated transportation — $3,172

** All students are required to own a laptop computer. For details, go to www.clemson.edu/laptop.

Paying Your Bills

The Bursar’s Office is the main cashiering office of the campus. They accept payment for utilities, phone bills, diploma sales, career center services, and various other university activities.

In-State Residency

Your eligibility to pay in-state tuition and fees is determined by South Carolina law. If you are unsure of your status concerning payment of in-state tuition and fees, you are responsible for securing a ruling from the University by providing all relevant information on the residency application. These forms and a copy of the S.C. law are available from the Office of Admissions. Complete and return the application at least two weeks before registration for the semester for which you wish the in-state rate to apply.

The Office of Residency Classification assists graduate and continuing undergraduate students with application for entitlement to pay in-state rates on tuition and fees. Entering freshmen should contact the Office of Admissions regarding residency status.

International Students

  • Transfer of Funds
    Verification that sufficient funds are available for the student’s entire educational tenure at Clemson is an integral part of the admission process. Clemson University is a state institution funded by public monies. Consequently, all costs are paid at the beginning of each semester or term (August, January and May of each year). There are no funds for international undergraduate financial aid at Clemson. In addition, deferred payment privileges are not extended to international students. Please consider this when applying to your home government for transfer of funds to the United States.
  • Employment
    Generally, U.S. immigration regulations prohibit international students from working during their period of study. Therefore, students must plan to have sufficient funds for the entire length of time they will study in the United States. Although on-campus employment may be available, under no circumstances should a student try to enter the United States with the intention of finding employment to finance his/her studies. Obtaining permission to seek employment off campus due to unforeseen economic hardship is sometimes possible but requires the endorsement of Clemson University’s foreign student adviser and the written approval of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This is available only after the student has satisfactorily completed two semesters of study.International undergraduates may participate in Clemson’s Cooperative Education program if required by the academic program, which affords participants the opportunity to alternate semesters of work and study in order to gain practical work experience.

Financial Aid

Financial aid applicants typically are advised of their selection or nonselection for assistance during the summer, when the aid programs are funded. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for additional information. If needed, aTuition Payment Plan is available.

University Housing (per semester)

Be sure to check out our detailed housing information and apply to live on campus.

Meal Plan Options (per semester)

Don’t forget to sign up for a meal plan so you can eat on campus. Visit the Campus Dining website for more detailed information.

Schools and Colleges of Clemson University

  • College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
  • College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
  • College of Business and Behavioral Science
  • College of Engineering and Science
  • College of Health, Education and Human Development

Clemson University News

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