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Davidson College

Davidson College

Davidson College

Davidson College is a private liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina. The college has graduated 23 Rhodes Scholars and is consistently ranked in the top ten liberal arts colleges in the country by U.S. News and World Report magazine.

Both the town and college were named after Brigadier General William Lee Davidson, a Revolutionary War commander. The land for the college came from General Davidson’s estate, a large portion of which was donated by his son. The college was established by Presbyterians in 1837 and maintains a loose affiliation with that denomination. According to its Statement of Purpose, “the ties that bind the college to its Presbyterian heritage have remained close and strong” but the dedication of the college “extends beyond the Christian community to the whole of humanity and necessarily includes openness to and respect for the world’s various religious traditions.”  Majors are offered in over twenty fields, as are several minors and self-designed interdisciplinary options.

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Davidson College Tuition and Fees

Required student charges (tuition, student activity fee) $36,683

Room (double) $5,463

Meals (19 meal plan) $4,883

TOTAL: $47,029

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