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Georgetown University

Georgetown University

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private, Jesuit university whose main campus is located in the Washington, D.C. neighborhood of Georgetown. The oldest Catholic university in the United States, Georgetown administers 180 programs in four undergraduate schools, three graduate and professional schools, and several specialized institutes. The faculty and programs in international affairs and law are especially well regarded. Georgetown’s three urban campuses are laid out using quadrangles and rectangular lawns, with various facilities for research, sports, housing, and services. The main campus is known for the neo-Romanesque style Healy Hall, a designated National Historic Landmark.

Father John Carroll, later the first American bishop, founded the school in 1789, realizing efforts dating from 1634 to establish a Roman Catholic college in the province of Maryland. Georgetown expanded into a branched university after the American Civil War under the leadership of Patrick Francis Healy. Born a slave by law, Healy rose to become university president and is considered the school’s second founder. Though governed independently of church authorities or the order, Jesuits have been officially involved in the school since 1805, and the institution defines its identity in significant part through its religious heritage. Tensions between this heritage and the school’s support for academic freedom and its students’ lifestyles have sometimes caused controversy on campus and within the broader Catholic community.

The university is co-educational and has around 7,000 undergraduate and over 8,000 post-graduate students, who in most years come from all 50 U.S. states and over 120 countries. Campus groups include the nation’s oldest student theater group and the largest student-run business.

Georgetown’s most notable alumni have served in leadership positions in government in the United States and abroad; among them are former U.S. President Bill Clinton, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and the current heads of state or government of six countries. The Georgetown athletics teams are called the “Hoyas”, and include a men’s basketball team, which leads the Big East Conference with seven tournament championships, and reached five Final Fours.

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Georgetown University Tuitions and Fee

Tuition, Fees, and Refunds

The Office of Student Accounts is responsible for reporting and collecting Georgetown University tuition and fees at the direction of the University Registrar. Accordingly, the University Registrar maintains the refund schedule:

Fall 2010
1st – 2nd Weeks 100% Refund Sept. 1 – Sept. 14
3rd – 4th Weeks 80% Refund Sept. 15 – Sept. 28
5th – 6th Weeks 70% Refund Sept. 29 – Oct. 12
7th – 8th Weeks 50% Refund Oct. 13 – Oct. 26
9th Week 40% Refund Oct. 27 – Nov. 2
Tuition will not be refunded for withdrawals after November 2.

Spring 2011
1st – 2nd Weeks 100% Refund Jan. 12 – Jan. 25
3rd – 4th Weeks 80% Refund Jan. 26 – Feb. 8
5th – 6th Weeks 70% Refund Feb. 9 – Feb. 22
7th – 8th Weeks 50% Refund Feb. 23 – Mar. 8
9th Week 40% Refund Mar. 9 – Mar. 15
Tuition will not be refunded for withdrawals after March 15.

Schools of Georgetown University

Schools and programs

Georgetown University comprises four undergraduate schools, three graduate and professional schools, professional development programs and certificates,medical residencies and other programs predicated on the liberal arts tradition at the heart of the institution.

Academic areas

To be part of the academic experience at Georgetown is to join a dialogue of depth and dimension. Few universities in the world offer the extraordinary range and diversity of academic areas that students enjoy at Georgetown.

Georgetown University News

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