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Georgia State University


Georgia State University

Georgia State University

Georgia State University (GSU) is a research university in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Founded in 1913, it serves about 30,000 students and is one of the University System of Georgia’s four research universities. Georgia State is the second largest of the 35 colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia.
The university offers 52 degrees in 250 fields of study with more than 1,000 faculty members. The university president is Mark P. Becker. The Robinson College of Business has more than 50,000 graduates. Tens of thousands have gone on to become business leaders, like these who did so nationally: Ken Lewis, Bank of America Chairman and CEO; Richard Lenny, former Hershey Foods CEO; Jim Copeland, retired Deloitte & Touche CEO; Bill Dahlberg, Southern Company former Chairman and CEO; J. Veronica Biggins, Heidrick & Struggles senior partner; and Michael Gearon, Jr. a part owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Thrashers and Philips Arena. Georgia State’s campus occupies 34 acres (140,000 m2) of downtown Atlanta with 40 buildings. Future construction is on the drawing boards with numerous new projects. A multi-million dollar Science Park with laboratories and classrooms recently opened next to the Sports Arena.
The school’s coat of arms (right) is registered in the College of Arms in London. The Latin motto means “Truth is strong and will conquer” (or alternatively, “Truth is valuable and shall overcome”). The panther holds the symbol of education, with the quill in red to symbolize the fire in Atlanta’s city emblem. The gold coin indicates the university’s beginnings as a business school. The crown is a representation of the Stone Mountain granite. The center flame is an eternal flame in honor of the first president, George Sparks, and represents flames of scholarship and the burning of Atlanta.

Georgia State has the largest campus police department of any school in Georgia with more than 100 employees who secure student safety 365 days a year. The force is the only nationally and state certified police force among the universities in Georgia. The school uses video surveillance, call stations, and escort systems to ensure student safety.

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Schools and Colleges of Georgia State University

Georgia State University Tuition and Fees

The following are the in-state charges for Greorgia State University for Fall 2010, Spring 2011, and Summer 2011.

Incoming Freshman Students In-State Tuition
Per credit hour Full-time (15 or more credit hours)
$236.00 $3,535.00

In-State Tuition for Continuing and Graduate Students

The following fees apply for legal residents of Georgia with enrollment of 15 or less hours per semester and for 15 hours and above per semester. There is no additional tuition charge for hours taken in excess of 15 hours per semester.

In-State Tuition for Incoming and Continuing Students Enrolled for 15 or Less Semester Hours:
Amount per semester hour:
Undergraduate $236
College of Law $482.00
RCB-Graduate Level $391.00
Nursing-MSPhD $306.00
Clinical Doctorate-Physical Therapy (DPT) $309.00
All other Graduate $300.00
In-State Tuition for Incoming and Continuing Students Enrolled for 15 or More Semester Hours:         **12 hours or more
Amount per semester:
Undergraduate $3,535.00
College of Law ** $5,784.00
RCB-Graduate Level** $4,692.00
Nursing-MSPhD** $3.672.00
Clinical Doctorate-Physical Therapy (DPT)** $3,708.00
All Other Graduate** $3,600.00
Graduate Assistant Tuition Rates for Fall 2010, Spring 2010 (Summer 2010 not yet determined)
Amount per semester: Mandatory fee: Total:
Graduate Assistant $37.50 $646.00 $683.50
Law Graduate Assistant $37.50 $703.00 $740.50

Georgia State University News

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