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Rush University

Rush University is a private university on the West Side of Chicago, Illinois. The university, founded in 1972, is the academic arm of Rush University Medical Center.

Rush encompasses a 613-bed hospital serving adults and children, the 61-bed Johnston R. Bowman Health Center and Rush University. The campus occupies an eight-acre (32,000 m²) site on Chicago’s Near West Side, in the Illinois Medical District, which also includes its teaching hospital, Rush University Medical Center.  Rush University Medical Center dates back to March 2, 1837, when Rush Medical College received its charter. Daniel Brainard, MD, founded Rush Medical College in March 1837, two days before Chicago was chartered as a city. It took seven years from the granting of the charter before Rush Medical College opened officially on December 4, 1843—with 22 students enrolled in a 16-week course.

Rush University Rankings

Rush University Tuition and Fees

College of Nursing Full-time (per quarter) Part-time (per credit hour)
Undergraduates 6,686 579
Accelerated undergraduates 8,120 n/a
Graduates (MSN, DNP, DNSc, PhD) 7,028 617
The Graduate College Full-time (per quarter) Part-time (per credit hour)
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4,008 334
Biochemistry 4,008 334
Biotechnology 7,833 n/a
Clinical Research 4,008 334
Immunology/Microbiology 4,008 334
Medical Physics 4,008 334
Neuroscience 4,008 334
Nursing (PhD) 7,028 617
Pharmacology 4,008 334
Molecular Biophysics and Physiology 4,008 334
College of Health Sciences Full-time (per quarter) Part-time (per credit hour)
Ethics Certificate via Web 1,200 n/a
Undergraduate Programs
Clinical Laboratory Sciences 4,785 424
Perfusion Technology 6,044 504
Vascular Ultrasound and Technology 4,869 430
Graduate Programs
Audiology 5,881 507
Blood Bank Technology 5,634 493
Clinical Laboratory Management 5,634 493
Clinical Laboratory Science 5,634 493
Clinical Nutrition (=>11 hours) 6,200 575
Health Care Ethics 4,725 420
Health Systems Management 7,127 621
Medical Physics 5,610 500
Occupational Therapy 5,250 462
Perfusion Technology 6,647 546
Speech-Language Pathology 5,770 501
Rush Medical College* Full-Time (per quarter) Per Year
M1 14,560 43,680
M2 14,412 43,236
M3 10,809 43,236
M4 10,809 43,236
Students-at-Large See part-time rates listed above. Students enrolling in undergraduate-level nursing courses are charged at the graduate nursing part-time rate.
Continuous Enrollment Fee Per Quarter
M1 2,260 n/a
M2 1,636 n/a
M3 1,317 n/a
M4 1,317 n/a
All Other Programs 300 n/a

Rates are effective Fall 2007 through Summer 2008, except Rush Medical College students for whom rates are effective July 2007 through June 2008.
Full-time = 12 or more credit hours
Part-time = 1-11 credit hours

Schools and Colleges of Rush University

  • Rush Medical College
  • Rush University College of Nursing
  • Rush University College of Health Sciences
  • The Graduate College of Rush University

Rush University News

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