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Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is a private, co-educational Jesuit-affiliated university located in Santa Clara, California. Chartered by the state of California and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, it operates in collaboration with the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), whose members founded the school in 1851. Santa Clara is the oldest operating institution of higher learning in California and the oldest Catholic university in the American West. It is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.

The university is situated in Santa Clara, California (2006 est. population 108,518), adjacent to the city of San Jose, California in Santa Clara County (population 1.8 million), which anchors the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Also known by the abbreviation SCU, its students and 71,000 alumni are called “Santa Clarans” and its athletics teams are called the Broncos. On its official website the school is billed as “The Jesuit University in Silicon Valley.”

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Santa Clara University Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Program (2010-11)
Tuition and fees
per year
Average room and board
per year (standard residence hall and basic meal plan)
School of Law (2010-11)
Full Time $39,360 30 units per year at $1,312 per unit
Part Time
21 units per year at $1,312 per unit
Graduate Programs (2010-11)
MBA tuition
per quarter unit
Engineering tuition
per quarter unit
Counseling Psychology and Education tuition
per quarter unit
Pastoral Ministries tuition
per quarter unit
Jesuit School of Theology varies with program

Schools and Colleges of Santa Clara University

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Education and Counseling Psychology
  • Leavey School of Business
  • School of Engineering
  • Jesuit School of Theology
  • School of Law
  • Santa Clara University News

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