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University of Dayton

University of Dayton

University of Dayton

The University of Daytonis a private Roman Catholic university operated by the Society of Mary located in Dayton, Ohio. The full-time undergraduate student enrollment is around 7,500, and total student enrollment is about 11,000.

The University of Dayton is one of the ten largest Catholic schools in the United States and is the largest of the three Marianist universities in the nation. It is also home to one of the largest campus ministry programs in the world. The university offers more than 70 academic programs in arts and sciences, business administration, education and allied professions, engineering and law. It was first in the country to offer an undergraduate degree program in human rights.
In 2006, the University of Dayton’s entrepreneurship program was named to the top 5 in the nation according to The Princeton Review and was in the top 10 of Entrepreneur magazine’s “Top 100 Entrepreneurial Colleges for 2005.” To complement the entrepreneurship program, a student-run organization called Flyer Enterprises was created in 2000. The university’s School of Law is noted for its Program in Law and Technology, which emphasizes intellectual property law (patent, trademark, and copyright).

UD was recognized in 2006 as the third best university in the country in positive contributions the institution has made to the welfare of its surrounding community, and ranked number one in international student satisfaction compared with other universities, both in the United States and overseas, according to the “International Student Barometer”, the largest survey of international student satisfaction in the world.

The University of Dayton is among the Top 100 national universities according to U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges,” ranking 99th in the 2011 edition of “Best National Universities”.

University of Dayton Rankings in 2010

University of Dayton Rankings in 2011

University of Dayton Tuition and Fees

(12-17 credit hours)
Tuition $14,350 $14,350 $28,700
University Fee $615 $615 $1,230

Three-Quarter Time
(8-11 credit hours per term)
Tuition $10,763 $10,763 $21,526
University Fee $615 $615 $1,230

(1-7 credit hours per term)
Tuition $957 per credit hour
University Fee $25 per term

Additional Credit Hours over 17*
Tuition $957 per credit hour
* 18th hour will not be charged to students with 45 hours or more of completed (graded) coursework prior to the first day of the upcoming registration period(s).

Schools and Colleges of University of Dayton

The University of Dayton delivers more than 70 high-quality undergraduate programs in a vibrant learning and living community. We offer numerous master’s degrees and doctoral programs ranging from engineering to Catholic theology.

College of Arts and Sciences

An excellent liberal arts education. Close interaction with faculty. Learning beyond the classroom. More than 50 quality undergraduate and graduate programs. Explore your possibilities.

School of Business Administration

The School of Business Administration is accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), the premiere accrediting body for business schools globally. And we’re recognized as one of the best business schools in the country. Learn more about our flagship programs.

School of Education and Allied Professions

The School of Education and Allied Professions is a leader in urban and early childhood education. We offer numerous online classes at the graduate level for teachers and administrators at public, private and Catholic schools. And we operate the Dayton Early College Academy, a Dayton public high school that has received national acclaim.

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering is a preeminent center for engineering education, research and service. We champion the philosophy that engineers work best in collaboration with others toward the betterment of the world. Discover the difference.

General Education

Designed to promote integrated learning, the general education requirements help students grow not only in knowledge, skills, and professional competence, but also as morally responsible decision makers aware of the needs of the global community.

Service Learning

We’re committed. The University of Dayton prepares our graduates for a world that demands fast adaptation and change. Service learning connects the classroom with real-world problem solving by implementing academic skills in a live environment. Our students discover how to quickly adapt knowledge to practice for a lifetime of success.

School of Law

A trailblazer in legal education, the University of Dayton offers an innovative Lawyer as Problem Solver curriculum.

Graduate School

More than 50 advanced degree programs from the master’s to the doctoral level. Graduate assistantships. Research opportunities with the University of Dayton Research Institute, a national leader in scientific and engineering research.

University of Dayton News

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