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University of San Francisco

University of San Francisco

University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco (USF), is a private, Jesuit/Catholic university located in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1855, USF was established as the first university in San Francisco. It is the second oldest institution for higher learning in California and the tenth-oldest university of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. USF is the eighth largest Jesuit university in the United States.

USF’s main campus is located on a 50-acre (200,000 m2) setting between the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park. USF’s nickname is “The Hilltop,” appropriately named since the campus is located at the peak of one of San Francisco’s major hills. USF’s close historical ties with the City and County of San Francisco are reflected in the University’s motto, Pro Urbe et Universitate (For the City and University).

USF’s Jesuit-Catholic identity is rooted in the symbolic vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order. Jesuits are characterized by a dedication to both “the life of the mind and the encounter with the world,” a mission distinguished by their intellectual and humanitarian activities — notably in the fields of higher education, human rights, and social justice.

USF’s inclusive founding mission attracts students and faculty from diverse religious traditions and a broad range of convictions. However, the Jesuit call to justice is evident in work across religious boundaries in community service, reflection retreats, and immersion programs both on campus and abroad.
USF’s 8,772-member student body is composed of students from seventy-five countries, all fifty states (including Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam), and is ranked in the top 15 national universities for student diversity and international student enrollment. The University is known for its public service efforts (McCarthy Center), its world-renowned Center for the Pacific Rim (Asian and American Studies) and its nationally recognized graduate programs in the fields of law, education, business, nursing, and environmental management.

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University of San Francisco Tuition and Fees


Tuition Per Unit Semester Annual(Fall/Spring)


Arts and Sciences, Business & Nursing
*All summer tuition is billed on a per unit basis.
Summer Rate
Arts and Sciences, Business & Nursing – Fall/Spring
*Less than 12 units or units over 18
$1,315* $18,520 $37,040
Professional Studies $875


Arts and Sciences: $1,115
Chemistry, Biology, Theology $965
MSFA (Professional) $12,495 $24,990
MBA $1,215
MSBE $1,115
MBAE $22,375
MGEM $12,000
Professional Studies $975
Masters $1,085
Doctoral $1,085
Executive DNP (Doctoral) $12,000
Masters $1,015
Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership $500
Credential Programs $835
TED Catholic School $500
Doctoral $1,125
Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership $565
Full-time (JD and LLM) $20,232 $40,464
Part-time (JD per unit) $1,445
Part-time (LLM per unit) $1,617


Fees (Mandatory)
Per Unit/Lab
ASUSF (traditional undergraduates only) $82 $164
Transportation Fee (traditional undergraduates only)* $110 $220
Health Insurance (refer to Health Insurance Policy)* TBD
Portfolio Review Fee (per applicable course: Professional Studies Undergraduates only) $200
GBSA (MBA students only) $100 $200
Career Development Course Fee (MBA CAP students only) $1,000
SBAC (Full-time Law students only) $35 $70
SBAC (Part-time Law students only, per unit) $1.75
Law Visiting Student Fee $250
Law Intensive Advocacy Program
(Materials cost, per course)
Law Re-Examination Fee $500
Clinical Lab
Undergraduate (per lab) $150
Graduate Clinical (per lab) $150
Malpractice Insurance
Undergraduate (per Clinical Lab) $25
Graduate (per Clinical Lab) $25
Housing Contract Cancellation Fee $500
*This fee is subject to negotiations with the City of San Francisco and is charged only to undergraduate students on the San Francisco campus in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and Professional Studies enrolled in business majors and the School of Nursing.

Room Rates

Room Rates – Traditional Style Halls Semester Annual (Fall/Spring)
Small Double Room $3,935 $7,870
Double Room $4,120 $8,240
Large Double Room $4,385 $8,770
Triple Room $3,300 $6,600
Small Single Room $5,305 $10,610
Large Single Room $5,715 $11,430


Room Rates – Pedro Arrupe Semester Annual (Fall/Spring)
Small Double Room $3,860 $7,720
Large Double Room $4,300 $8,600
Small Single Room $5,200 $10,400


Room Rates – Apartment Style Living – Loyola Village Semester Annual (Fall/Spring)
Apartment Type I Double $5,095 $10,190
Apartment Type II Double $5,250 $10,500
Apartment Type III Double $5,435 $10,870
Apartment Large Single $5,610 $11,220


Room Rates – Apartment Style Living – Fulton Street Semester Annual (Fall/Spring)
Apartment Type I Double $5,195 $10,390
Apartment Small Single $5,320 $10,640
Apartment Large Single $5,720 $11,440

Board Rates
Board plan required for residents of Fulton House Cottage, Phelan, Gillson, Hayes-Healy, Lone Mountain, and Fromm Halls. It is not required for residents of Loyola Village

Semester Annual (Fall/Spring)
Flexi-cash Standard Meal Plan $2,005 $4,010


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