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University of Southern California (USC)

University of Southern California (USC)

University of Southern California (USC)

The University of Southern California (commonly called USC, SC, and other names)  is a private, nonsectarian, research university located in Los Angeles, California, USA. USC was founded in 1880, making it California’s oldest private research university.

USC’s four year, full-time undergraduate program enrolled 16,751 undergraduate students in Fall 2009. USC is currently ranked 23rd among national universities by U.S. News & World Report which classified it as one of the “most selective universities” for admitting 24.4% of the 35,753 people who applied for freshman admission in 2009, and 73rd worldwide by the 2010-11 Times Higher Education rankings.   According to the 2009 freshman profile, 22% of admissions were associated with legacy preferences.  USC is also home to 18,073 graduate and professional students in a number of different programs, including business, law, and medicine.

The university has a “very high” level of research activity and received $463.7 million in sponsored research from 2008 to 2009.   USC was named “College of the Year 2000” by the editors of Time and The Princeton Review for the university’s extensive community-service programs.  USC students hail from 112 countries, and all 50 states in the United States.

USC sponsors a variety of intercollegiate sports and competes in the NCAA Pacific-10 Conference. Members of the sports teams, the Trojans, have won 91 NCAA team championships, ranking them third in the nation, and 358 NCAA individual championships, ranking them second in the nation.   Trojan athletes have won 236 medals at the Olympic games.
The cost of attendance at USC is high compared with most universities, at around $57,000 per year.  Still, USC is the 3rd most economically diverse top-ranked school.

University of Southern California (USC) Rankings in 2010

University of Southern California (USC) Rankings in 2011

University of Southern California (USC) Tuition and Fees

Estimate of Fall 2010 & Spring 2011 Costs for Undergraduate Students

The estimate of costs in the table below would be for a USC undergraduate who:

  • is full-time (taking 12-18 units during both fall and spring semesters)
  • is living in university housing
  • has a meal plan
  • has season football tickets
  • has a transportation allowance (i.e. no car).
(Fall / Spring academic year)
$40384 Tuition
1,040 Student Health Insurance (may be waived with proof of sufficient coverage)
472 Student Health Service fee (mandatory)
145 Student Season Football Tickets
614 Mandatory fees: Student Programming, Student Services, and Topping Aid (see Other Costs* below…)
11,458 Room and board (rent & meal plans)
1,500 Books and supplies
1,200 Personal / Miscellaneous

Transportation (parking permit) or 796 Housing (parking permit)

$56,813 Total (add $150 USC Orientation Fee for your first semester)

Estimated Fall 2010 Tuition Rates For Graduate Students (from the Schedule of Classes):

Graduate Tuition
15-18 units 20,192.00
Unit basis 1,360.00
Business M.B.A. (full-time), M.B.A. PM, M.S.,
Business Administration and Ph.D. Sessions 033 and 036
Unit basis 1,396.00
Graduate Cinematic- Television Session 037
Unit basis (no flat fee) 1,447.00
Advanced Dentistry (per trimester) 23,448.00
Dentistry (per trimester) Session 006 23,309.00
Dental Hygiene (per trimester) Session 007 18,896.00
Special Dental International Students
(per trimester) Session 008 23,309.00
Graduate Engineering (500 level and above)
Unit basis 1,449.00
Law Session 002
Flat fee basis (13-17 units) 23,387.00
Unit basis 1,807.00
Medicine Session 003
Flat fee basis 23,205.00
Master of Physician Assistant Practice
Flat fee basis 20,192.00
Pharmacy Session 004, 005
Flat fee basis (15-18 units) 20,750.00
Unit basis 1,383.00
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Full year for year 1 and 2 students 51,035.00
Partial year for year 3 students 30,834.00
Master of Real Estate Development Session 038
Flat fee basis (16-18 units) 24,144.00
Unit basis 1,509.00

For the latest rates please check the “Tuition & Fees” section of the Schedule of Classes at www.usc.edu/soc .

Schools of University of Southern California (USC)

University of Southern California (USC)

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